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    Totally agree with Kenny! I’ve seen past presidents all say during TV interviews one common same thing: Being a modern-day POTUS involves a never ending GRUELING 24 hours a day AND night schedule that demands the President best be in good shape for.

    Biden is NOT anywhere near in peak good health–the harder he and his Democrat  ‘handlers’ try to hide his devolving health, the more of it is revealed.

    Barely two months in as POTUS–and several leaks from his “loyal”  WH staff confirm Biden has a snack of warm milk and cookies EVERY NIGHT and goes to sleep by 8 o’clock!! Next, we’ll hear Biden sleeps in PJs with feet in them!!


    Ok…my question is: Who handles POTUS matters that arise at 1:30 in the morning, where the President is needed in that Situation Room—the head Secret Service agent or the front gate security guard?

    And Biden’s ‘handlers’ must keep up his POTUS schedule for TWO YEARS ( so Kamala can do 10 years as POTUS by proxy ); I just don’t see ol Joe lasting out that long–he’s not exactly the Energizer Bunny…..