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    Answering your post.

    Uncharted territory.

    The question, how can select elites in D.C. decide to shut down a booming economy, one that heads toward historically unprecedented high for over 5 decades, in a fear-mongering virus which …even back a decade or earlier named Covid but with the two-digit date altercation at its inflectional suffixes?

    Sorry, this entire shutdown was preplanned way before.  The premeditated correlations of 2016, The WorldHealthOganization, the CDC, and our lover boy Fauci were all too close for us in RealVille to believe they were not in this ALL together.

    Busy folks work, raise families, bridge relationships within their own community and local societies, not so many can tell you who their representatives are, nor Selectman and or School Board electives.  Most hard-working individuals, raising a family and gettin’ it done.

    quotemyboatinsurance brought about some very logical reasoning in another thread stating that in this world, we mostly read headlines, clickbait, and never the depth of the article or subject matter.  Therefore we become victims of sensationalistic Yellow Journalism, something that’s been around since Ben Franklin.  You can shape Mob Opinion with you own the Press.