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    I listen exclusively on the app so that I don’t miss a moment – have for years. Been a loyal 10%er since Day One when I was 15. Now I’m 53 and I miss John Walton every day. PLEASE keep the shows on a little longer before deleting them. I used to listen to anything I’d missed over the previous week or so throughout the weekend, and save the end of Friday’s show for Monday morning while I get ready for work. Never have found John’s old clips or the November 9, 2016 Election Day celebration show. One long streaming episode per day wouldn’t be the end of the world, except…as previously mentioned, you can’t find anything, the segments aren’t labeled, but the true deal-breaker for me is that the damn thing (which I realize is FREE, mind you) resets sporadically and there’s no way to get even close to where I left off. Even at 2X speed, it’s a 4.5 hour show… The ad banner at the bottom often covers the rewind control buttons and this “new and improved” version renders the app virtually nonfunctional unless you’re lucky enough to have hours and hours of uninterrupted time. For those of us with one of those “job thingies” who’d still enjoy listening to “The Radio Gawds” every time I’m in the car, I ask…please stop fixing what’s not broken. I’ve had more than enough of that with my own government. UNGAWA!