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    I truly fawked up this thread, and owe my apologies to anyone offended.  It took me forever to post as each attempt went “poof” hitting send.  I must’ve retyped it half a dozen times and …well …got off-topic.  Sincerely sorry for that.

    As a place to retire, MarineAO is correct on Belize.  Was not focusing on the beauty of the terrain and fell off a cliff in explanation of age vs medical care. Retirement.

    I’m seriously jealous he’s got that piece of property to build on.

    I was very happy in france and our family too.  I am from New England but spent the majority of my life overseas.  Both our daughters cost 37 FRF to be born [$7 USD] total and they stayed in those clinics 9 days for evaluation.  Doctors saw them, weighed them after each feeding, and allowed mommy’s peace of mind to recover.  When you’re young, free sheit or cheaper sheit sounds inviting.  At a point, once you get your land legs and start earning money, you see what living in a socialist country does to your wallet and personal initiatives.

    As said by a close friend born in Royan FR, the last city bombed by Americans in WWII leveling everything but the church, “Every day is Friday in France and the weekends are a bonus.” Both his mother and father were physicians and 8 of their 9 children became medical doctors, too. My close friend majored in english.  LOL.  He lives in the Pyrenees as a sheepherder with their 6 children and is doing very well.  Last I herd?  LOL

    Youth wasted on the young.