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    Freedom Grrl

    DrStrangeLove: I watched how swiftly Election Night suddenly changed from Trump’s favor to Biden “edging ahead aggressively” to “win” the POTUS Election.


    And that was quickly followed up by the “surprising” Democrat takeover of the House AND Senate.

    What are the ODDS of that happening?

    Yes: It was too cleanly evident that–with some major billion-dollar support by an “invisibly discreet but nefariously prevalent” support team along with George Soros…..the Democrats DID INDEED steal the Election from Donald Trump…..and cleanly got away with it.

    We know of AT LEAST SEVEN turncoat GOP senators in Congress ( quite sure there are MORE hiding about ) who BETRAYED TRUMP….and WE THE PEOPLE….and for what reason(s) you think?

    Money–and the GREED behind it; likely the ONLY BIPARTISAN element tightly woven in Congress. Seconds after Biden is “confirmed” president-elect–like some NASCAR race, Big Pharma roll out the COVID vaccines–all vying for the TRILLION dollar “prize”, while in Congress,  the $tockholders in Big Pharma gleefully await their juicy investment $tock return$.

    Power: The “new kids” in Congress are crazy enough to imagine a quasi-Communist/Socialist “unified” United States–which is set to crash and burn fail–while being cheered on by the black racist corps in Congress, who just want to our country burn to ashes.

    There’s no doubt: Trump supporters OUTNUMBER Biden supporters 20 to 3–but look at what the Democrats have brazen gotten away with. Look how they embedded “professional protesters” in that Capitol Hill protest–and got away clean with that, too!!

    Will March 5, 2021 be the epic historic date the Supreme Court declares the 2020 POTUS Election was indeed rigged to Biden’s advantage and therefore his “victory” in said election is completely voided?

    Much as I’d LOVE see that happen–the realist in me isn’t betting Vegas money on that.



    I don’t believe any human on earth could have summed it all up better. Kudos and 50,000 thumbs-up.