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    Dreams are powerful things, sometimes they push you to make powerful, meaningful decisions. Every day I hope and pray that JoeBama and his vice witch will be indicted and removed from office. Hopefully I’ll dream about it and this will come true.

    Dreams are the minds way of performing housekeeping on the brain during REM sleep. I’m rambling now, it’s time to go to sleep and dream with my dog spooning me. Lol

    I think you’ll have better luck with the spooning dog than the world seeing the epic 2020 POTUS Election theft unravel–and “JoeBama and his vice witch” weigh dual impeachment over both march to Federal prison. Besides….the TRAITORS in Congress, in partnership with global billionaires, paid unfathomable billion$ to not only steal the POTUS Election and Democrat domination of Congress….but they bought guarantees NONE of the complicit will ever sweat felony prosecution.

    Might not be a bad idea to get those dreams professionally analyzed……