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    For anyone not clear on why bitter Congress and Georgia legislative ANGRY DEMOCRATS USE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL as “political leverage” to protest the new Georgia LAW, mandating EVERY REGISTERED VOTER IN GEORGIA MUST PROVIDE PHOTO ID TO VOTE IN GEORGIA, this statement from John Kennedy, R-LA, indeed does nail it:

    “This has nothing to do with Jackie Robinson. And it has nothing to do with race. Here’s what this is about: The Democrats want us to have an election month. The Republicans don’t. We want to go back to an Election Day. The Democrats oppose requiring an ID before you can vote. Republicans think we should in the interest of ballot security. Democrats want to make legal ballot harvesting. Republicans don’t. Ballot harvesting is where you pay somebody to go around and ask people to vote by mail, and you collect their ballots, and then you bring them to the ballot box.”

    “I’m is not saying it’s inherently fraudulent, but fraud can occur. That’s all this dispute is about. The other point I’d make is that the Democrats want to pass Speaker Pelosi’s bill, HR1, which would federalize elections. Basically, what Speaker Pelosi’s bill would do is take everything that went wrong in the last presidential election and make it the law.”

    You gotta respect Mr. Kennedy for flat-out laying the truth on the line, and telling us all like it REALLY is……