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    I agree Kenny. They are hooked on “If it bleeds it leads” dogma and don’t care about America.
    The other issue is going to be the autopsy. I am a retired medical professional and that autopsy report is the “Get out of jail free” card for Chauvin. It shows there was no asphyxiation or strangulation-related injuries that prove a homicide and unless the jury is totally biased, they are going to realize that. Zimmerman walked. So did Casey Anthony. I watched both trials from start to finish and absolutely agree with the verdicts in both cases. I never believed that the Casey Anthony case was anything more than an accidental drowning turned into a murder because of the panicked actions of the mother. When I saw the videos of the child able to open the door AND climb the ladder into the pool dated several months before the incident that sealed it for me. In my opinion what REALLY happed is more like this: Casey was out partying the night before and the little girl woke her up to go swimming and Casey blew her off due to a probably hangover/lack of sleep and the little girl opened the door, climbed the ladder into the pool and then drowned. Casey woke up and found her dead in the pool and made up the story. I believe this because there was a LOT of testimony that Casey’s mother was always telling her that child services would take the child away because she was an unfit mother. This is untrue, in my opinion, but Casey has less than a High School education and her mother is an educated medical professional.

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