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    Gallons of water in the am and a six pack of beer in the evening. Fuck coke and Pepsi for going political. I’ve hated coke for years though because of the bullshit they pull when handling customer accounts in retail situations. I had a billing issue at Target that led to us having a huge inventory overage on their product because the dispatcher wouldn’t send the drivers out with an ADSD scan barcode. My predecessors would check product in using an override procedure that didn’t update on-hands into inventory.
    I got a call from accounts receivable from coke on multiple occasions where I had to dig out old invoices to correct the issue.
    I started refusing deliveries that were not able to scan in but Target grilled me because they had a “no refusal” contract with coke.

    Fuck target too. I’ve never worked for a more woke and liberal organization in my life.