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    writer125 wrote:

    2 things to consider here. If Mike Lindell is wrong, then it could be the end of him and his business. If he is wrong, then no one will ever trust him again or buy anything from him again. Which means he’s done.  end snipped quote.

    Just a moment earlier, Hannity was speaking to Project Veritas, James O’Keefe on his lawsuit against malaise at the New York Times.  O’Keefe won and in the disclosure can actually gather testimony from reporters and insiders on who did what and why.  This is a huge success to sue a publication of news that was of complete premeditated malaise.  He has proved, you can’t hide behind your font.  He is going for the throats of the New York Times exposing them as a paper tiger.

    You had Hannity backpedaling on whether it is right or wrong to sue a newspaper rag or headline whore publication because, well, Hannity said, “Your time is worth money too, and I believe sometimes you have to give up your loss and push forward on break news… and it takes a lot of energy to fight these paper kittens and I’m so busy and, well proud of you O’Keefe, I don’t know because, well because, it’s a time-consuming thing… to fight back directly at the mouth that feeds false narratives…


    Okay.  Hannity is a buffoon and I love O’Keefe’s tenacity to go for the kill.