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    Superballs grew some hair on the above post, which I completely agree on.  Once the government gets involved in any private arena through subsidies or perks, it explains how the government disperses the taxpayer monies into the constituents’ portfolios.  Remember, you pay taxes, they [the government disperses it] waste it.  Then they spend billions on a narrative to fool at the mush-minded lemmings to pull a voter poll lever on election day.  Feel good emotional peeps without a calculator or pencil in logic.

    2×2=art but bailout x9 mom=dad, divided by knitting class, owe $50K a year cuz airconditioning and safe space with braids [optional] but a minority labouring said stuff = owe me.  Marching insurance, gas masks and I broke our main street windows and collective relationship with the community which was suffering to begin with … #faukUrichCapitolist [sp cuz can’t spell] go for it.  #NikesheitChina?

    Ample math exercise.