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    Married and not looking.  I figured I’d share this blast from the past for someone at my college that went viral.  This was a real e-mail.  We didn’t get out much.  Still a classic I figured was worth preserving here.:


      Hey  what's  up  dreamuffin.  I  know  you  probably didn't expect to  get  an   
    email  from me,  but  I  heard  you  and shamess broke up,  so  I  am  going  to  
    move  in  for  the  kill.  A hall is showing some  movies  this  weekend  and  
    if  you  are interested we could hook up  for  some  cheeseburgers  and  pizza. 
    Me  and  max got in a fight over  you  the  other  night  and  I  kicked  his  
    ass. So just come on over  and  I'll  tutor  you  in  calc.  If your  love was a 
    grain of sand,  my  love  would  be  a  universe  of  beaches.  So just email me 
    back  if  you've  been  thinking  about  me  or  just talk to me in class.  I  
    know  that  I  am  not  that  good  in math  but I know the equation  of  love.  
    It  equals  you  plus  me .  You complete me. You had  me  at  hello  the  first  
    time  me  and  you  met. Are you tired girl  cause  you have  been  running  
    through  my  head all day.
    Bye and  I  hope  you  have  a  good  air  force  night studying.
               With  love,
                 Christian  Kolden  (  The  Alaskan  Assasin)

    Longer string available here:


    -sed contra audentior ito.
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