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    Their motto is “Knuckle Sucking Good” and they aren’t kidding.  Their mustard greens are the best in the world as well. They have a light batter that seals in the chicken juices and makes a crust with a crunch that you can hear 10 feet away as the juice runs down your chin.  My husband (3rd gen Louisiana native!!) calls greens “boiled leaves” which technically they are.  However, these are leaves boiled with ham hocks and seasonings that are the things that dreams are made of.  My parents LOVE them and are thrilled that I arrived for a visit this morning at 330 am with a giant container of greens.  They are even open for breakfast so the eternal “chicken or the egg” question is a dead heat when there’s fried chicken with those over easy eggs on the plate.

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      I’ve got to try that place. I’m a fan of Blue Store Chicken. Their wings are great.
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