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    It’s safe to say the “mainstream” media is dead.  Network news…newspapers…they don’t seek to dispassionately report news and facts anymore.

    I strongly encourage you to check out the following folks on You Tube, if you haven’t already.

    Tim Poole – leans a little left, but honest, fact-driven news and commentary.

    Heavy Duty Country – guy from outside of Austin, rancher and former rodeo circuit.

    The Critical Drinker – movie / entertainment / culture commentary.  His name is Will Jordan, and has written a few spy novels as well.  He’s out of Scotland and well worth the views.

    Donut Operator – former cop and Navy veteran.  He provides rock solid breakdowns of many newsworthy law enforcement incidents.

    Angry Cops – Buffalo, NY police officer and National Guard NCO.

    Anthony Brian Logan – good conservative commentary from a guy that happens to be black.

    The Quartering – who appears on Tim Poole from time to time, and offers all sorts of commentary on entertainment, games, and social media.

    Mark Felton Productions – for the history buffs.  Mostly World War II oriented, but I defy you not to learn something you didn’t know before.

    Thoughty2 – British guy that is mixed bag of interesting information.

    I have a few others, but those are all deep dive stuff if you’re a serious student of things.  If you want to know – just ask.


    The point here is…we don’t need the big corporate giants for our information anymore.




    Iacet nobilitas mea.
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