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    at around 11:40 today we were alerted to a car fire. In the end 2 cars were burned to the ground and 4 withstood heavy damages. The fire started with a relatively new Subaru Outback (about a year old). The victims car was quickly engulfed in flame. Her boyfriends jeep (also new about 6 months old) was burned to a crisp as well. In the Subaru there was a hole in the front that has been concluded as external damage. 13 minutes later fire fighters arrived, this is all that is fact.  The only other relevant fact was that the Subarus owner has received death threats before. As a mind wonders I and my fellow class mates spun theories on what happens. I believe that it very well could have been arson. My main suspects are the girls that have threatened her, and the person that reported the scene. The girls for obvious reasons, but the reporter for much deeper and nuanced reasons. So here’s the situation A leadership position in our band is contested between him and the driver of the other car the burned down(also the boyfriend of the girl). He could gain everything from this unless he was caught. He had the money to get out and wouldn’t be charged as an adult (only 17) the first thing is he for finding the fire would be the hero of the day, increasing his standing in the race. 2 the male victim could not preform his duties with our reliable transportation. 3 the Victims reaction to the event would determine how his standing would be.  My suspect his done many dodgy things before, is very cunning, wealthy, and has also suffered childhood trauma. After the event he was more than happy about it, he was smiling high 5ing, relishing in his heroism. He was too happy about it, not a sign of remorse. But that’s just my take on it, the city the school is in is lumberton Texas.


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