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    Since China created and lied about the virus, i believe all debt owed to them should be wiped out. If anything they owe every country double of what they already owe
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      Not only should China be found GUILTY of catastrophic global contamination of COVID-19–they SHOULD INDEED BE HELD FULLY LIABLEĀ  for all the damages done to infected countries/nations–including of course, the United States.

      I can’t imagine how many TRILLIONS of U.S. dollars that covers!

      Sadly as a realist, I just don’t see it happening and here’s why:

      a) Despite there being no criminal evidence to support the belief, many strongly suspect there is some criminal business union between Team Biden ( Joe and Hunter ) and China president Xi Jinping; perhaps a deal was struck that IF elected, Biden would ‘forgive’ China’s multi-BILLIONS owed to the U.S. The big question there is: What does Team Biden get from China???

      So yeah, China indeed is quite happy Biden stole the POTUS Election and got away with it ( China might have HELPED Biden with that, for all we know ).

      I mean it was no secret Jinping HATED Trump for having to pay back decades-old LOANS….with interest.

      b) China is either the largest or second-largest nation on the planet; UN-mandated “economic sanctions” don’t even twitch China. China can fully isolate itself from the world ( which they virtually are with their “Iron Curtain” )and be totally self-sufficient.

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