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    I was a store manager for CVS a few years back. One of my best friends in the company was an outspoken lesbian. Her, I and a couple of other managers went to Gringos after a district meeting and she and everyone else got plastered. I drank 2 shiners, had a plate of enchiladas and then got a ride to hang out with her and her friend that was flirting with me after they all got toasted. Anyways, her friend (another manager) that was clinging all over me passed out on the couch as soon as we got to the apartment. Me, being a gentleman got a ride back to gringos to pick up my truck. My drunk ass lebesian friend ranted and raved about how the company was oppressing her because she was a Lesbian. I told her simply “fuck who you want to fuck, live with your girlfriend, that’s awesome. But in the grand scheme of things who cares?

    I thought that she’d agree with me but big surprise!!! It actually offended her because I wasn’t supporting her outrage against a very left wing, terribly managed company.

    I got dragged to watch Megan rapinoe and her team playing kickball at BWW (once again the chick I had a crush on was there, that was my motivation) and I got to listen to this friend rant and rave about how Megan Rapinoe was being oppressed by unequal pay.

    My point I suppose is that I grew up listening to teachers talk about the words of MLK. Not judging your fellow man by his race but by the content of his character. I feel the same way about what people do in the bedroom. Do the voodoo that you do, who fucking cares?!?! Just don’t do snuff crap or that crazy crush porn that the Japanese are kind of into.

    My friend and I stopped talking because I told her that I didn’t care about her sexuality. I enjoyed her kickass attitude, her rebellious nature and her as a person. This leftist BS is all about dividing people that would otherwise get along if not bated into creating conflicts out of thin air because they see a meme on Facebook.

    Anyways, my friend was making more money than me but she was celebrating Megan Rapinoe for her sacrifice because female soccer players don’t make as much as the male ones. Screw Megan Rapinoe. Screw this bullshit that as tearing us apart as a society. It’s all being done on purpose.

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