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    I can’t believe it’s been two years since you passed. My favorite story is when you killed a grizzly bear in Houston with your note book on your way to good ole Garfield Elementary. RIP AND EAT IT EVERY DAY!!!!
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      Heavy Sigh.
      it’s late and there’s a lot of emotions here but I’m going to try….


      Long term lurker on the show and website. Your post sir spurred me at last to make a account here and post the following message.

      First of all this radio show is single handily responsible for me being alive today. I drive close to 1000 miles per week and if it wasn’t for WJ I most definitely would have ended up in a ditch leaving behind wife and kids. I was in a dark period of my life when I discovered this broadcast and I owe the team that runs this my life. My wife would also agree with this and has wanted me to thank y’all for sometime.
      That aside,

      The day I learned of Mr. Walton’s death I knew the show had been on rerun for awhile and I kept checking the news of Houston and praying for John. (I live in Tyler/Longview area). I had heard his last broadcast live and I kept hearing his pain and I knew something was wrong.
      after his last live show, reruns.
      Then the article posted https://www.click2houston.com/news/2019/07/03/john-walton-of-popular-houston-radio-show-walton-and-johnson-dies/?outputType=amp

      Then,  Afterwards I spent the next 24 or so hours comatose rocking back and forth on my couch. I lost someone who didn’t know me but had saved me from a lot of mistakes and even possibly death. Like a farther or a brother figure John was to me. Guiding light with a helping of dark humor but always bound by the “man” on what he could truly say on the air. John pushed the limits of everything on air and he was right to do it. He was a genius and so is Mr. Johnson.  The sadness is always here but although I was thinking the show would discontinue it has continued thanks to the perseverance of the remaining crew God bless you for keeping this going and trying so desperately explain what’s going on to us. We the 10% owe y’all a lot. We wouldn’t be the 10% without you! John would be proud today and none of us would be here without John.

      I consider myself one who cries rarely. Life’s tough suck it up…. but the day he died and I sat down and listened to the podcast of the last show I cried. Hell I’m writing this now and I’m choking down. Thank you John Walton for everything you have given all of us. Your loss is forever in my heart.
      I lost the number of times I got up some mornings very low of energy and spirits,  one of the only reasons I pushed forward was  because of WJ.

      Rest In Peace you amazing human being.  Thank you so much for all the years of keeping me and so many others going strong.

      Eat it every day!

      Carpe diem!!


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