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    BillyBob 1976
    1. What if George Lucas was right.  And the Republicans are the Jedi.  Biden can’t stay in power he is too week.  6 month is all I give him before he turn things officially over to Harris.  Now this is where order 66 comes in.  You see Biden and Harris are just the Pawns to the real puppeteers running the show who are still in the background.  So Harris is President.  And she names Nancy Pelosi as her VP.  And that leaves a empty house position. And what if Chuck Schumer gets that spot.  Then somewhere in Harris term a big scandal comes out that gets her impeached.  And Nancy Pelosi takes over as President.  And she brings in Chuck Schumer as her VP.  AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE CLOTH IS REMOVED AND THE EVIL EMPIRE (DEMOCRATES) REVILES THEMSELF.  George Lucas couldn’t have laid out a better plan.


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