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    Veterans are already looked at by the left with disdain.  There is a smaller demographic within military veterans, folks.  That group is COMBAT VETERANS.  I am in no way disparaging anyone’s honorable service, but there is a difference and a distinction here.  Just because someone deployed, doesn’t mean they “saw action” or pulled the trigger in anger.  If you have someone in a highly technical field – take their “war stories” with a large grain of salt.

    Again, not to disparage anyone’s service – but the majority of folks that deployed – DID NOT SEE COMBAT.  I am speaking directly about my own experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan as and Infantryman.  However, the same general circumstance applies to all conflicts previously and in the future.

    (Think about any landing during WWII you heard from your relatives who were there or any movie or old footage you’ve seen.  The guys storming beaches were NOT “radar repair specialists” and such.  They were combat oriented specialties.)

    A while back, I had let my concealed carry license lapse because of work that had me more outside of Texas than inside of Texas.  As such, I had to take the course all over again as if I had never held one.  This was not long after concealed had become LTC which allows for open carry.  I took the course – passed.  Submitted my application and fee.  This is where things got as offensive as they did frustrating.  There was a surge in license applications at the time, so a delay was expected.  After three months, I called Texas Department of Safety to confirm that they even had my application.  I was told that I was FLAGGED due to mental health issues by the Texas Medical Evaluation Board.  Who the hell are they?  An agency that I had never heard of has a very broad dominion.  If you’re a chronic drug addict, drunk driver, prone to seizures, or generally a dangerous retard – they can pull your driver’s license for example.

    Why would they flag me, you ask?  Well, I am a disabled veteran and utilize the VA for my medical care – including mental health.  In my file is the documented diagnosis for PTSD.  It is well managed, and I am not taking any meds for it.  So…I had to get an appointment with a Psychiatrist to sign off that I possess all of my faculties, good judgement, etc.  Submitted all documentation and got my license NINE MONTHS later.

    Why is all of this relevant?  Lots of reasons.  First, Hollywood has painted this image of anyone with PTSD has flashbacks, loses control, becomes violent and dangerous.  WRONG.  Are there such cases?  Yes, and they are the minority of cases.  Second, you have a lot of folks going to the VA claiming that they have PTSD in order to get rated (PAID) for it…that never saw one minute of actual combat.  People that were so far from any action they only heard stories about it on the chow line – claiming, whining, crying that they have PTSD that were never in any position to develop it.

    So, with the inflated numbers of PTSD cases, the uninformed automatically equate DEPLOYMENT with combat and EVERYONE that “went down range” saw or did something that screwed them up for life.  This, in turn, further skewed the public perception of what did / did not happen in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Want an example of where fake PTSD claims makes the world a bit harder for those of us who do?  Eddie Ray Routh.  Don’t know who he is?  He murdered Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield..  He claimed he had PTSD.  He was a small arms repairer in the Marines.  He did DEPLOY to Iraq.  He did not see action.  His duties were primarily well behind the lines, in a shop.  He also served aboard a ship that conducted relief operations in Haiti – that would NOT have required him to even leave the ship.

    Routh is an example of someone that did not, does not, never will have a claim to PTSD.  He was a flawed person before and after his service, but not DUE to his service.  He smoked dope with his mother.  He was angry that Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield weren’t treating him like he was their best friend in the world.

    JUST because Routh was a Marine – “doesn’t make him an elite fighting machine”, no more than someone enlisting in the Air Force makes them an ace fighter pilot like Chuck Yeager.

    This misunderstanding of who and what is just as dangerous as the left not knowing what they’re talking about with regard to firearms in general – yet insist making policy based upon emotion and what they PERCEIVE to be true.

    Iacet nobilitas mea.
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