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    Let’s say if, and this is a big IF, there is a correlation between video games and violence.

    Who is committing the car jackings that Illinois is trying to prevent?  Largely, YOUTHFUL offenders.  Now, let’s look at a thing or two here.  Violent, graphic, etc. games have an age rating like movies on them.

    Now, over the years I have had occasion to go into a Game Stop or similar to buy a gift or gift card.  While in the store, I see parents buying such games for their children – which are clearly not age appropriate per the labeling.  Another example of being the “cool parents” and not the RESPONSIBLE parents.

    So…even if there is the SLIGHTEST connection between video games and behavior, the boomerang comes RIGHT back to the parents.  …as usual.

    Oh, but you can’t call out the parents for not doing their job and fulfilling their role.  That would hurt feelings.  The problem then, must lie elsewhere and the job of the government to control people.

    Children learn their habits and values from their parents – or at least they should.  …NOT from schools and government.  Their habits are formed by their examples and their environments.

    Kids can’t wake up in time for school?  Maybe if they weren’t up all night playing games or out at WalMart, HEB or 7/11 at 11pm on a school with their parents – they might develop the habits of a responsible citizen and human being.

    Iacet nobilitas mea.
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