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    … for subjecting her adopted black daughter to treatment and surgery (by medical doctors) – including a feeding tube and wheelchair – for a disease she never had.


    Why does the UK Daily Mail make this about race? Here is a very doable mentally ill woman who claimed her adopted daughter has some kind of rare condition. She goes to the doctor and claims, ‘my daughter needs a backiotomy and “at any time she could go paralyzed”.’ The doctors, those folks who went to medical school and practice medicine, said, ‘well, ma’am, you’re quite bangable, so I’ll tell you what … we’ll do the treatments and feeding tubes and stuff.’

    Why is it important that this broad is white? Or that the kid is black? I suspect a coordinated effort to protect the medical profession and incompetent doctors in general. One only need consider that Fauci quack to see this is likely.

    Thankfully the child was taken away from the woman. On a personal note, she’s probably feeling vulnerable, so now that she’s all sad and lonely (but more importantly – lacking a child), I may give her a call … see if she likes middle-aged married men. Remember Casey Anthony … holy shit … I’d hit that like the fist of an angry god.

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      Because everything is about race. The media makes money from stories. BLM makes money from riots. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson built their fortunes on race.
      Two things in the news 24/7? Race and climate change. And we know how much money is in climate change. If you’re not sure as Al Gore.
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