Why the vaccine push with no questions?

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    I think I figured out the vaccine push. Trump took away big pharma’s profits, so they’re fighting back with the politicians now in their pockets. A great way to make lots of money is the government buying enough for every citizen and making them take it. That’s why hydroxychloroquine was discredited. No profits.


    Think about their money and influence before the “pandemic.” Now realize how much cheaper it is to buy a politician than the airtime and side effect disclosure on a multitude of TV ads…especially in an era where TV ads are ignored.  They’ve found an unregulated industry to capitalize on.

    - I insure more than just boats, but c’mon man, boats are...you know, the thing.
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      Totally agree, Trump took away their profits then, BAM!, here’s a lab-created plandemic for you to deal with!
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