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    No, this isn’t an invite to a block party or AntiFa function.

    I am referring to a now obscure movie from 1968, Wild in the Streets.  It stars people you’ve long since forgotten or never heard of.  The premise of the movie was presented as a farce…a joke.  However, if you look at most of what the progressive left does, they often present a goal as a nonsensical proposal so that nobody pays attention to it.  This isn’t unlike that one uncouth person we all know that makes a retarded or even offensive statement – then laughs it off with “just kidding”.  The trouble is…they’re not kidding.  They NEVER are.  They put a film of “humor” on something to guage the room so to speak.

    Okay, so the movie comes out in 1968.  The plot is this:  A rock star and revolutionary is asked to perform at a benefit for a Kennedy type Senator.  This was around the time the voting age was being considered to be lowered from 21 to 18.  At the benefit, he proposes the voting age be lowered even further to…FOURTEEN.  Sound familiar?

    He gets a more radical movement together with protests, demonstrations, etc The establishment and the candidate they support all bend to his demands if he agrees to support the voting age to be fifteen instead of fourteen.  A Congressman from one of their band mates district suddenly dies…and they run her for office.  Once in office…she immediately proposes a Constitutional Amendment for a voting age of…FOURTEEN.  Sound familiar?  The tactic we’ve seen over and over and over….

    Last part from the Wiki article…

    “As teens either take over or threaten the reins of government, the “Old Guard” (those over 40) turn to Max to run for president, and assert his (their) control over the changing tide. Max again agrees, running as a Republican to his chagrin, but once in office, he turns the tide on his older supporters. Thirty becomes a mandatory retirement age, while those over 35 are rounded up, sent to “re-education camps”, and permanently dosed on LSD. Fergus unsuccessfully attempts to dissuade Max by contacting his estranged parents (Bert Freed and Shelley Winters), then tries to assassinate him. Failing at this, he flees Washington, D.C. with his remaining family, but they are soon rounded up.

    With youth now in control of the United States, politically as well as economically, similar revolutions break out in all the world’s major countries. Max withdraws the military from around the world (turning them instead into de facto “age police”), puts computers and prodigies in charge of the gross national product, ships surplus grain for free to Third World nations, disbands the FBI and Secret Service, and becomes the leader of “the most truly hedonistic society the world has ever known”.

    Ultimately however, Max and his cohorts may face future intergenerational warfare from an unexpected source: pre-teen children. When a young girl finds out Max’s age (which is now 24), she sneers, “That’s old!” Later, after Max kills a crawdad that was a pet to several young kids, then mocks their youth and powerlessness, one of the kids resolves, “We’re gonna put everybody over 10 out of business.””

    Anyone see any parallels with AOC and what comes after her?

    Iacet nobilitas mea.
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